420 Update Press Release

On this day, the 20th of April, Glitch Wizard is launching the first update since its 2.0 release, offering a slew of new glitches, features and bug fixes for its fans. The app, which normally costs $2.29 CDN, is free to download for the day, and will be on sale for the rest of the week at $1.19 CDN.

Simply updating the app wasn't enough - Glitch Wizard is also releasing a collaboration with Pineo, an audio/video glitch remix of the classic Backstreet Boys track, "I Want it That Way". On top of that, they've partnered with GIFPop and Yoshirt to host a 7-day glitch competition, encouraging wizards to post glitches to Instagram with the #glitchwizard, #gifpop and #yoshirt hashtags attached. The winning spellcasters will receive either an animated GIFPop of their glitch, glitched-out apparel, or a glitched iPhone case. If you've been hesitating to don the Glitch Wizard robes - now is the time.



Elevator Pitch

Glitch Wizard gives you the power to glitch photos, videos and GIFS and share them to social networks. Glitch Wizard runs images through audio filters, manipulates image hex, and performs a host of other experimental techniques that create unpredictable, beautiful results.